Where to Get Content Ideas for Ebooks, Papers and Blog Posts

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Content is more important than ever before. SEO is no longer reliant on strings of keywords and hidden title tags. Content is becoming vital to staying in the SEO game, but it is first and foremost essential for attracting and converting visitors. Your content idea generation strategy should be to strive for evergreen content that might still be useful 3 to 5 years from now. Or make sure to be the first one breaking the news with something.

To create the amount of content required to stay relevant, you might need help consistently generating content ideas. Here are a few idea generation techniques to help you create useful evergreen content for your visitors.

The 8 Ingredients of Great Mobile Apps, or How to Get Featured by Apple

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According to John Geleynse, director of technology evangelism at Apple, there are certain fundamental criteria for making your app stand out.

While building EISENHOWER, we tried to integrate as many of these aspects as possible (like finally making it available in multiple languages through the generous help of friends). Sticking to these principles has helped us reach the App Store front page in more than 120 countries, and we believe you can do it, too.