Andreas Kwiatkowski

About me Entrepreneur Consultant Designer Photographer Painter

I am @kwiat — entrepreneur, consultant and creative mind, based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

I enjoy travelling the world, great food, and reading on my Kindle.

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I have co-founded and sold mobile app development studio Rheinfabrik, a small productivity app called Eisenhower, and angel invested in companies such as Kreativgebiet and Spacedeck.

Other side projects include niche sites like Funnel Optimization.

I advise clients in digital strategy, product management, usability and interface design.

Occasionally, I am blogging and giving speeches on these and more topics, including customer development, lean entrepreneurship and time management.

I love crafting software interfaces and user experiences, especially for mobile apps.

Mostly working with tools like Sketch and Illustrator, I am posting bits and pieces on Dribbble.

I take pictures both for myself and for clients, e.g. Philipp Poisel. Most of my photography is available for licensing, finding use in places such as on the book cover of a new novel by Franka Potente.

Find my portfolio on Flickr.

When drawing, I either prefer ink, gouache and Copics on paper or use my Wacom for digital concept art.

Now and then I am showcasing scans on ArtStation.