The 8 Ingredients of Great Mobile Apps, or How to Get Featured by Apple

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According to John Geleynse, director of technology evangelism at Apple, there are certain fundamental criteria for making your app stand out.

While building EISENHOWER, we tried to integrate as many of these aspects as possible (like finally making it available in multiple languages through the generous help of friends). Sticking to these principles has helped us reach the App Store front page in more than 120 countries, and we believe you can do it, too.

How to Kickstart Your App Marketing Without Paying a Cent — in 5×5 Steps

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Are you about to launch or have just recently released your freshly built web service or mobile application? There are many ways to get noticed and acquire your first customers. It is always easy to pay for clicks on Google, Bing or Facebook. But with only a little time and effort and without investing any money, you can generate remarkable reach within your target customer group.